Announcement regarding the start of Season 3 of the Cyber Fortress League

Announcement regarding the start of Season 3 of the Cyber Fortress League

As you may have noticed during the inaugural game of the 3rd season of the Cyber Fortress League, there were technical problems that prevented many teams from running the game properly. This application behavior had a significant impact on the final results. As a result of our analysis, we discovered that a feature intended to enhance gameplay, implemented at the last minute, caused an unexpected load on our servers. Since we were limited by the time slot granted to us at the conference, we had no margin to abort the game, fix the problem and restart the game. We apologize to everyone for this situation. We have already taken steps to ensure that such problems do not reoccur in future tournaments.

We have also decided to repeat this game so that all teams have an equal chance of achieving a favorable result. On 14/12 at 17:30 the same scenario will be played again. So you have plenty of time to prepare yourself better and set your strategy. In addition, on the Discord faq channel, we will post a detailed description of how the game works, what we mean by Prevention and Response, how we assess the effectiveness of security measures, etc. This will allow for a better understanding of the game, rules and approach used and the scoring awarded. In addition, on our YouTube channel you will find a live recording of the training on the new version of the game:

Once again, we apologize for the situation. We will reward you with super interesting scenarios and, after repeated play, a short educational material indicating/describing what security measures were assessed as the most effective.

Best regards

The Cyber Fortress team

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