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Where can the Cyber Fortress game be used?

What is Cyber Fortress?

Cyber Fortress is a simulation game consisting in building the most resistant ICT environment security system and effective response to various threats from cyberspace. Each team gets a predetermined budget, which can be increased during the game. Teams have security at their disposal, which is divided into 8 categories (Organization, Physical infrastructure, Entire network, Network edge, Internal network, Endpoints, Apps and Data). Safeguards are scored differently based on their effectiveness in terms of prevention (identification and protection) and response (response, detection and recovery). The team that best prepares its organization for the events wins.

Cyber Fortress League

The Cyber Fortress League is a competition against the best cyber security teams throughout the competition season. Teams are tasked with building a security system for the ICT environment and responding to randomly selected or predetermined attacks.


The Cyber Fortress is learning in the form of gamification based on the conscious and purposeful use of mechanisms used in game design in order to activate, motivate and engage a selected group of participants.


The Cyber Fortress can be a base around which to build an event program or a great way to make it more attractive. Organizing games during a conference or business meeting allows you to build relationships with participants.

The Cyber Fortress League, Best Teams, Great Fan

Cyber Fortress is a strategic simulation game which main idea and objective is to build the best cybersecurity system to prevent players’ organization against the most likely threats and to effectively react during the incident reaction phase.


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Where can the Cyber Fortress game be used?

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