Announcement of the 3rd season of the Cyber Fortress League

Announcement of the 3rd season of the Cyber Fortress League

After the success of two seasons, the Cyber Fortress League starts for the third time! During the Oh My H@ck conference in Warsaw on December 3, 2022, the teams of the Cyber Fortress League will once again compete for the main prize. The first tournament will be held in a hybrid version. Participation in the conference is optional and the tournament will be available online. However, we invite you to the Developers conference path at 17:00 to feel the unique emotions and meet other people taking part in the game. In addition, we invite you to Warsaw for almost 50 interesting lectures within 6 thematic paths. Experts will present the most important topics and current trends in the cybersecurity industry live.

The game can be played by teams that register for the Cyber Fortress League via the website Teams already playing in the league do not need to re-register. They will receive credentials for the new version of the game in the team’s discord channels. What’s new is that there are no limits to the number of players in a team. On Friday there will be a short navigation training in the new version – the time will be announced soon.

In season 3 we will present our new platform, which we have been working on for the last few months. The gameplay will become even more interesting, and players will have to show even better skills in defending the organization.

The Cyber Fortress is dedicated to all people dealing with cybersecurity. You can check and improve knowledge in the area of management, but also knowledge regarding technical aspects. The game is an excellent tool for building cross-cutting competences and team communication. It also allows you to choose and test different strategies and adjust your cybersecurity budget.

We encourage you to participate in Season 3 – it’s time for even more excitement during the next 5 tournaments, during which you will learn different strategies for implementing the cybersecurity budget, how to defend the organization and how to prepare for a cyberattack. Protections prices were consulted with industry experts to bring the game as close to reality as possible. The scenarios are based on real events, we rely on reports that accurately describe the cyberattacks carried out.

Hints for Saturday’s scenario will appear on the Cyber, Cyber… Report podcast and on our social media.

As a Community Partner of the Oh my H@ck conference, we have a 15% discount on tickets with the code: OMHxFBC

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