Cyber Fortress is a game-based learning experience that involves the conscious and intentional use of mechanisms found in game design to activate, motivate and engage a selected group of participants.

What is the training about?

Research results show that training participants remember only 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear and as much as 90% of what they do, even if it is a simulation. Moreover, according to the research, as many as 80% of people would like their work or learning to resemble a game more than traditional forms of teaching.

The Cyber Fortress is a closed entity, it has its beginning, course and ending. The participants of the game are focused on winning. Game scenarios are based on real and current events.

The main benefits of the game, confirmed by participants during numerous games, include:

  1. Interaction between participants – the Cyber Fortress is a team game that consists in choosing the right incident prevention and response strategy. During the game, members must work together to achieve the goal – protecting their organisation’s assets. They exchange opinions, discuss different strategies and points of view. If the team consists of both technical and non-technical players, the exchange of information takes on additional importance and positively influences the value of the game and its usefulness in practice. Heated discussions and brainstorming for solutions are the best way to balance organizational, procedural and technical safeguards.
  2. Understanding the cybersecurity ecosystem – the game enables a better understanding of the cybersecurity ecosystem as a whole and the interrelationships between its components. Non-technical players can learn more about the value and functionality of technical solutions. On the other hand, they can explain to their more technical colleagues why organizational and procedural safeguards should work together with the technical ones to be most effective.
  3. Networking – the game creates opportunities to establish or create relationships between players that can then be used practically in a real working environment. After the game is over, there are many topics for further discussion and exchange of views.
  4. Cybersecurity Budget Execution Strategies – Players can understand and test different cybersecurity budget execution strategies, particularly the effectiveness of their investments during the prevention and response phases.
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