Cyber Fortress for MBA graduates in Gdynia

Cyber Fortress for MBA graduates in Gdynia

Cyber Fortress was the last challenge for the graduates of MBA studies at the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia town.

On June 12, 2022 in Gdynia, the graduates of MBA postgraduate studies in the area of Cybersecurity and Digital Services Management conducted by the Polish Naval Academy were officially presented. As part of the studies, the best lecturers shared with students their experience in the field of cybersecurity and digital services management. This group was also us – the Cybersecurity Foundation was invited to the group of lecturers. Our representatives conducted not only lectures, but also a game on the Cyber Fortress platform.

Interestingly – the game was played twice – during the first and last reunion of participants. During the final games, three teams from fictitious companies, that were selected from among students, faced four attacks grouped into two scenarios. The attacks were modeled on the APT campaigns detected during the outbreak of the armed conflict in Ukraine. Organizations built their cybersecurity systems in the face of a conflict that breaks out between two neighbor countries with the threat of a cyber attack occurring.

All teams saved their organizations scoring on average about 2200 points.

The Cyber Fortress platform was used to make the participants of the studies aware of the pitfalls and risks they may encounter while building a coherent concept of the cybersecurity ecosystem in each organization and how to avoid or counter them.

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