Summary of the 4th Cyber ​​Fortress League tournament

Summary of the 4th Cyber ​​Fortress League tournament

On Thursday, 12.07. at 6:00 pm the teams of the Cyber ​​Fortress League played their fourth tournament within the league. This means that the grand finale is fast approaching.

This time the teams were defending a European telecommunications company. Scenario 1 related to a campaign conducted recently by a group associated with Russian services, based on the use of a vulnerability in the Microsoft tool using Microsoft Office documents. During the games, the teams became sure that it was an attack that was well-known: Follina. The prevention phase lasted 10 minutes and there were 1,000,000 to spend. The teams had 5 minutes to react and had a budget of 400,000.

Scenario 2 assumed protection of the organization against techniques used by the Iranian MOIS (Ministry of Intelligence and Security)-sponsored group APT, the activity of which was reported earlier this year by American and British intelligence services. It was about MuddyWater, and the prevention phase lasted 7 minutes, where the teams received 500,000 to spend. The reaction phase was only 3 minutes with a budget of 300,000.

This game has definitely stirred up our table, which shows that nothing is still certain. Emotions in the next tournaments are guaranteed!

Check the results in the Cyber Fortress League: Season 2 Ranking tab.

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