Summary of the first tournament

Summary of the first tournament

March 22 marked the inauguration of the 2nd season of the Cyber Fortress League, during which teams played two rounds, two brand new scenarios related to the recent attacks in Ukraine.

A new side of the league, new scenarios, new game elements will appear during the season, new teams and a greater dose of excitement.

The course of the tournament

About 50 teams took part in the first tournament. Each of them played the role of a management team responsible for cybersecurity in a government unit in the public sector. In each phase (prevention and response), their goal was to jointly decide to purchase specific cybersecurity tools that were displayed on cards symbolizing security. The cards were divided into three basic groups: organizational, procedural and technical.

The first scenario assumed an attack related to the use of Hermetic Wiper and it was announced before the match began. In the second round, the teams only knew that they were facing a certain type of attack, which was exacerbated by the events in Ukraine. During the tournament, it turned out that it was about DDoS.

The first game turned out to be very fierce, and looking at the table you can clearly see slight point differences between the teams. After the first match, the CyberEkspress team turned out to be the best, ęśąćż team, ie well-known veterans, came second, and Allsafe team closed the podium. However, our leaders still have a long way to go to victory, and the other teams are on their heels.

The full ranking can be found in the Cyber Fortress League tab: Season 2 Ranking.

Congratulations to all teams. We are curious to see what the next tournaments will bring!

PS You can still join the League.

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